Rising from the ashes of a coverband playing songs from Dio, Black Sabbath, Scorpions and Judas Priest among others, NAKED was the vehicle for Mats to try his hand at writing and performing original songs. A first album, ”Get Naked”, recorded and produed by Tony Borg, got the attention of both the rock press and a number of record labels. Sadly, that version of the band dispended before a deal could be signed.
Fast forward to 2013, and Mats and Peter started writing together for fun. From the resulting goosebumps and chills, they realised they were on to something. Tony was approached to record the album, liked what he heard and decided to join the band. A impressive lineup with members from bands like Alien, Madison and Wheeping Willows just to mention a few.
The Music ”Back to basics”
We write the music that we would like to hear, melodic rock with one foot firmly and proudly stuck in the 80´s when the hairwas long and the pants were tight. The other foot? Well, listen and make up your own mind.
Peter Sundvall - Vocals
Mats Stattin - Guitar
Tony Borg - Guitar
Conny Paine - Bass
Janne Lundberg - Drums
Mats Hedén - Keyboard
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