Congratulations ! If you have found this site you are a very lucky person and a big fan of melodic hardrock and AOR. In today's digital world, it's easier than ever to reach out with new music to the fans. New technology has made it possible for virtually anyone to record music at home in their living room and minutes later upload and spread it on various social media sites. Ironically, it has also become more difficult than ever for bands to reach out with new music because of the huge media noise and the gigantic supply.

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SCANDIROCK NETWORK is created to make it easier for the fans to find Scandinavian AOR / Melodic Hardrock of the highest quality. SCANDIROCK NETWORK started as a collaboration between 16 Swedish bands that play melodic hard rock / AOR, so called Scandirock. Now, 5 years later we have also opened up for international acts in the Global section, because there is a lot of great bands out there that deserves attention. All the bands on this page are at the forefront of what melodic rock can deliver today. If you for example, only heard one of the bands on the page before, you will most likely find several new favourites right here. SRN are supported by DIST FM webradio. Rock between heaven and hell. You can listen to DIST FM HERE

So please visit all the bands on this site. Listen to all the bands on this site. If you like what you hear, show them some love and "likes" on their FB pages and help us spread the word around about great music and SCANDIROCK NETWORK. Thank you for joining us and becoming a Scandirocker to. You will find the latest news and buzz about Scandirock Network on the official facbook page. You are invited. Please join us in the  SCANDIROCK NETWORK melodic crusade.

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